You don't need to bear the burden of juggling tasks and overcoming complexities on your own...

But rather, entrust your projects to my capable hands and experience the relief of efficient coordination, streamlined processes, and successful delivery, allowing you to focus on what you do best:


Ya know what?

There's a lotta management tools and organizational stuff out there:

  • Complex software
  • Overwhelming spreadsheets
  • Endless integrations

When you choose me as your partner-in-crime, you gain a trusted project manager who brings more than just tools.

I offer personalized attention, a deep understanding of your unique project needs, and a commitment to delivering exceptional value.

With my expertise, you can bypass the noise and enjoy a streamlined experience, tailored solutions, and unwavering dedication to your project's success.

Let's make this hap'n cap'n.

  • Synchronized Coordination

    Unlock the power of streamlined workflow management, where tasks flow seamlessly like a well-choreographed dance routine a la The Quickstep without any harsh feedback from Bruno Tonioli. With my expertise, I'll optimize processes, eliminate obstacles, and ensure project execution is as seamless as possible.

  • Dream Team Collaboration

    Forge a crew that operates like Barkley and Jordan back in Barcelona, maximizing collaboration and achieving remarkable outcomes, maybe even a Gold Medal. As your project manager, I'll foster open communication, encourage diverse perspectives, and facilitate synergy among team members.

  • Tactical Resource Optimization

    Leave nothing to chance when it comes to resource allocation. Akin to Beth Harmon, a strategic mastermind, orchestrating moves in that high-stakes chess match, I'll minimize waste, optimize efficiency, and expertly guide your project towards success, ensuring every resource is deployed with calculated brilliance.

  • 01. Where's the brief?

    • Collaborative Discovery - Let's kick off by diving deep into your project goals, requirements, and vision. Through thorough discussions and attentive listening, I'll ensure a clear understanding of your objectives.
    • Detailed Briefing - Once I've got a solid grasp of your project, we work together to create a comprehensive brief that outlines the scope, deliverables, timelines, and any specific preferences or constraints.
    • Aligning Expectations - It's honesty hour! We review the brief together, making sure all expectations are *NSYNC. Any necessary adjustments or clarifications are made to ensure a shared vision and a solid foundation for the project.
  • 02. Undercook the onions

    • Strategic Planning - I develop a meticulous project plan, breaking down tasks, assigning responsibilities, and establishing milestones. This strategic roadmap ensures a smooth workflow and efficient project execution.
    • Iterative Development - We adopt an iterative approach, continually refining and enhancing project elements just like Kevin Malone's famous chili. By closely collaborating and seeking your feedback at every stage, I ensure that the project is on track and aligned with your evolving needs as we all get to know each other in the pot.
    • Quality Assurance - I conduct rigorous quality checks, reviewing each aspect of the project to ensure it meets the highest standards. My attention to detail guarantees that every element is polished, cohesive, and ready for the next step.
  • 03. Drool over these deliverables

    • Final Touches - I add the finishing touches to the project, meticulously refining and enhancing every detail. My aim is to create deliverables that exceed your expectations and leave you thrilled with the final result.
    • Review and Revisions - I present the deliverables to you for review, providing an opportunity to submit feedback and request any necessary revisions. Your satisfaction is my priority, and I work closely with you to ensure that everything's perfect. #chefkiss
    • Celebration of Success - Once you are delighted with the final deliverables, let's celebrate the successful completion of the project. Time for a dance party: I'll bring the tunes. (Hope you like Beyonce!)
  • Request custom project management solutions for your biz

    (or select from my existing organizational products to suit your unique needs).

“Jessica is a very innovative and creative problem solver."

She has been a privilege to work with and brainstorm on future opportunities.

- Lesley H.

Hey there, sister friend, I'm Jessica!

Project Manager to the Stars

I'm a process-oriented freak who's got a passion for partnering with gosh darn good people doing great things. I've got big hair and bigger dreams. There's no need for alignment to be lost, scopes to creep, or inflexibility - I'll leave that to my hamstrings. I believe in a world where effective communication is paramount, planning and preparation are cornerstones, and adaptability and flexibility drive success. Let's make this the norm. Are you with me?!


- Plan with Purpose -

We started at the top, now we're here. The last thing you want to be is overbudget and late. Shop ALL the goodies at The Willits Way to make sure you're flyer (and more organized) than the rest of 'em. But don't forget to tell your friends, bc sharing is caring, obvi!

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"Jessica is driven, innovative, technical, and smart."

Simply put, she really gets it and is a great addition to the team to take our work to the next level.

- David M.

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