They say...

If you fail to plan that you're planning to fail.

So... what's on your sched?

If your day-to-day is full of mindless meetings that should have been an email or constant firefighting leaving you completely underwater, it's because that system, process, or lack thereof - she BASIC.

Not doing anything speaks volumes.

It's time to step up, level up, and implement Plans with Purpose.

Let's chat.

It's time for streamlined operations and maximized efficiency that ensure seamless coordination, timely delivery, and exceptional results.

Become that girl in your industry. Get your sh*t together and look good doing it. Everyone else will want to be you or be besties with you. Fire up that Vitamix, throw on your latest Lululemon ensemble, and repeat after me: Is it worth it? Let me work it.

  • ... work with an experienced mama who's got a passion for action and refuses to quit

  • ... attract the type of quality peeps you deserve to have in your VIP club of raving fans

  • ...receive top-notch project plans and deliverables uniquely crafted for your organization's success

  • ... rise above the rest with meaningful results and make an impact with your business

Let's do you, baby boo.

But without any of that "meh" we talked about before. I'm down to clown. You in?

Honesty hour...

Remember those l'il systems and processes I've been mentioning?

I'm completely captivated by what I do! Like eat, sleep, and breathe. Blood, sweat, and tears. Get it?

So when it comes to working together, it's more than just some chit-chat here and there. Every discussion is meaningful and sparks action for your business.

Let's collab on some purposeful plans and important initiatives that speak to your team. Or, take a peep at currently shoppable goods. Them's the breaks, kid.

"Jessica has always been driven to do what is best"

She doesn't settle for what is easiest or sufficient to attain. Jessica consistently exceeded expectations.

- Gary M.

You've got swagger like a star.

You've got swagger like a star.

  • Option No. 1

    Take a look in my library

    Like what you see? Let’s make it yours! It’s like that zazzy Sears catalog of yesteryear, but with intention and dare I say, taste?!

    This is the option for you if…

    - You're hot-n-heavy on the prowl to have a ready-to-go process, like yesterday

    - You’ve got an idea that's screaming for some love and you like what you see

    - Lunch was your favorite class in school. I'm talking cafeteria style - Take some of 'dis and some of 'dat.

    Each downloadable Plan with Purpose is price as marked.

    *But be sure to be on the lookout for freebies and discounts - Sign up for that newsletter to stay in the loop!

  • Option No. 2

    Sort-of bespoke

    Affectionately referred to as Baby Bear, sometimes this package is juuust right. It gives you the ability to massage some deets in an existing plan or process, for instance: the timeline or industry.

    This is the option for you if…

    - You ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELTY love it, except for that one thing

    - You need just a li'l something extra to meet that stretch goal

    - You tend to customize your burrito at the fave local spot (add guac, but pico and jalapenos on the side, amirite?)

    From a 15%* customization fee in addition to the downloadable Plan with Purpose, price as marked.

    *Includes 2 revisions; Additional revisions TBD

  • Option No. 3

    Commission custom work

    It's your way or the highway, well... not REALLY, but this IS where the rubber meets the road. We'll kick off a brand spanking new project together (We can even hold hands if ya want!) and I'll make sure you're pleased as punch with the result.

    This is the option for you if…

    - You've got a vision in mind and want, nay NEED a creative, yet obsessively detail oriented touch to bring it to life

    - You don't see what you need out there in the world... ahem, talkin' totes custom here. Duh doi!

    - Ordering off menu is your jam and waiters roll their eyes when you walk in. A shrimp po-boy and diet raspberry Fanta? Comin' right up, hunny bunny!

    Have your peeps call my peeps. We've got some work to do.

Hey there, your jaw called from soccer practice.

Ya need to PICK. IT. UP. Sticker shock is #notallowed. These prices may be slightly higher than what you see on Etsy, Fiverr, or the like - BUT, so are my standards. Remember that line about rising tides? It applies here too. I'm an advocate for ethical pricing AND, you know what? I also believe in giving back for social good.

Interested in the causes close to my heart?

Alright, alright. Back to bidness... So, you could continue to spin your wheels, waste time, or worse - just do NOTHING (you KNOW what I'm talkin' 'bout) just like everyone else.


You could decide it's time to collab with The Willits Way and create Plans with Purpose.

...I'm on-deck and ready to help.

I'm about my clients the same way I am about listening to a new podcast...

...I'm very picky.

Don't you worry, bun bun. There's a process to help us! (There's ALWAYS a process.) See that beautiful button down there? That bad boy will take ya to a glorious form with some quick Q's to find out if we're a good fit.

Please give it a click and submit sooner than later - I tend to book out, so time is of the essence!

Apply now.

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